luni, 24 august 2009

In the end a new begining

They say that time heals the end. They say that you're alright when you see him and feel nothing: no regrets, no pain, no anger, no hate, no nothing. And they were right. Although it took quite a long time to forget, u forgot and forgave yourself and him as well. It took quite a long time for those wounds to close, but they did finally. I guess that it is esential for a chapter in your life to close, in order to open another one, or at least try. You could indeed try to move on, now that you are ok, but make sure that all the hopes you make, all the dreams you have will not turn into ashes once again. Make sure you won't make the same mistake twice, or should i say mistakes?
Is it better to wait just a little bit longer to see what life brings you, or just go for it? Find something and fight for it?! I don't know and i am under the impression that u don't know either. It's like a loterry game, how many chances are there to have the lucky numbers? 1 in 3 millions, maybe.
What i am trying to say here is that you should make sure it's not to late to start again with the one that u have chosen and what's more important make sure that it'
s not all in vain and that u see in him something special that gives u the strenght to start again.

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